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One, our signature candle, is intentionally created to balance and stimulate the Crown Chakra. This candle is a unique blend of Library, Vetiver, and Egyptian Amber oils, creating an earthy and grounding scent perfect for meditation, spiritual practice and relaxation.


SKU: 6321051505
  • Inspired by the scent of old, leather-bound books, Library scented oil gives the candle a nostalgic, comforting and peaceful smell. Vetiver oil, on the other hand, has an earthy and grounding aroma, that calms the mind, reduces stress, and increases focus. Combined with the warm and exotic scent of Egyptian Amber oil, this signature blend is soothing sand luxurious.

    Associated with universal consciousness, spiritual expansion, and enlightenment, the Crown Chakra is located at the top of the head. A balanced Crown Chakra enables individuals to connect with their spiritual selves, focus on their higher purpose, and feel a sense of unity with the universe. The One Crown Chakra Candle stimulates and balances the chakra, allowing individuals to find the inner peace and stillness they desire.

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