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Luxury Bundles

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Established: Root to Heart Chakra Candle Collection 

Our Established Candle Collection is carefully curated to support balance and harmony in your energetic system. This bundle includes four luxurious candles, each specifically designed to align and activate the Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus, and Heart Chakras. Activate and align these essential chakras and take an active role in your holistic well-being. These candles will help you create a tranquil space, enhance your energy flow, and cultivate a sense of balance and grounding in your life.

Transcendence: Heart to Crown Chakra Candle Collection 

The Transcendence Candle collection is a transformative candle bundle designed to elevate your spiritual journey and promote balance in the upper chakras. This beautiful collection includes four Chakra candles, intentionally crafted to align the heart, throat, third-eye, and crown chakras. Indulge in the Transcendence collection and immerse yourself in the harmony of these candles as they stimulate and support your journey towards higher consciousness and spiritual growth. Illuminate your space and uplift your spirit as you embark on a path of transcendence.

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Root Chakra_edited.jpg

Experience the duality of serenity and introspection with our exclusive Meditation Candle Bundle – a harmonious pairing of "I am Light" and "I am the Void."

🌌 **I am Light:**
Illuminate your sacred space with the radiant glow of "I am Light." Crafted with the soothing blend of white oak, vanilla, sandalwood, and peppermint oils, this candle invites tranquility and mindfulness into your meditation practice. Let the comforting embrace of nature-inspired scents guide you to the serenity within.

🌑 **I am the Void:**
Embark on a journey into the depths of stillness with "I am the Void." Infused with the mysterious allure of black sea, Moroccan cashmere, and leather-scented oils, this candle creates an atmosphere of introspection and contemplation. Embrace the enigmatic energy as you explore the uncharted realms of your consciousness.

🌟 **The Bundle:**
Bring balance to your meditation practice by intertwining the energies of light and void. Whether you seek grounding stability or cosmic exploration, this bundle is your companion on the path to inner peace. Alternating between the two candles can create a dynamic meditation experience, allowing you to embrace both the light and the shadows within.

Elevate your meditation journey with the "I am Light" and "I am the Void" Candle Bundle – where the harmonious aromas converge to create a space for self-discovery and profound introspection. Illuminate your path with light and venture into the void, finding balance in the dance between serenity and depth.

Embark on a transformative journey of mindfulness with our exclusive Meditation Candle Bundle – a perfect pairing of "Now it Begins" and "Isn't it Wonderful."

🌈 **Now it Begins:**
Mark the commencement of your inner exploration with the enchanting "Now it Begins" candle. Infused with moonflower nectar and Nag Champa oils, this candle sets the stage for a meditative journey into the mystical and serene. Allow the ethereal scents to guide you as you step into the embrace of the present moment.

🌸 **Isn't it Wonderful:**
Celebrate the beauty of the now with the uplifting "Isn't it Wonderful" candle. Crafted with citrus agave, rose petals, and eucalyptus oils, this candle transforms your meditation space into a haven of positivity and appreciation. Embrace the joy of the present and cultivate gratitude in every breath.

🌟 **The Bundle:**
Unite the energies of initiation and wonder with this exclusive bundle. Alternating between "Now it Begins" and "Isn't it Wonderful" creates a dynamic and harmonious meditation experience. Infuse your practice with the energies of new beginnings and gratitude, finding balance and serenity in each session.

Elevate your meditation practice with the "Now it Begins" and "Isn't it Wonderful" Candle Bundle – where the aromas converge to create a space for self-discovery, gratitude, and profound introspection. Illuminate your path with the essence of initiation and wonder, creating a harmonious dance between the energies of the present and the mysteries that lie ahead.

Chakra Candles (9)_edited.jpg
Root Chakra_edited.jpg

Embark on a journey of balance and harmony with our exclusive Meditation Candle Bundle – a fusion of "Guardian Flame" and "Nurturing Essence," celebrating the dynamic interplay of masculine and feminine energies.

🔥 **Guardian Flame:**
Ignite the flame of strength and wisdom with the "Guardian Flame" candle. Infused with Egyptian Amber and Saffron Cedarwood oils, this candle embodies the resilience and grounding presence of masculine energy. Let the regal scents guide you to a space of introspection and inner strength.

🌸 **Nurturing Essence:**
Embrace the gentle embrace of feminine energy with the "Nurturing Essence" candle. Crafted with citrus agave, rose petals, and eucalyptus oils, this candle creates a sanctuary of love and tenderness. Immerse yourself in the nurturing aromas, fostering self-care and compassion.

🌟 **The Bundle:**
Harmonize your meditation practice by merging the energies of "Guardian Flame" and "Nurturing Essence." Alternating between these candles allows you to tap into the powerful dance of masculine and feminine energies, creating a dynamic and balanced atmosphere for self-discovery.

Elevate your meditation journey with the "Masculine and Feminine Energy" Candle Bundle – where the essence of strength and nurturing converge. Illuminate your sacred space with a symphony of balance, creating a harmonious atmosphere for introspection and the exploration of both the dynamic and tender aspects of your being.

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